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iPoint Research Registration Terms and Conditions

iPoint Market Research recruits all sorts of people for many different types of research studies. As such we need to collect some information from you in order to help us find the most suitable research project.


As a member of our panel we will from time to time offer you the opportunity to take part in research studies if we feel you may be eligible.

You will receive these requests via both email for general subject and by telephone for more specific research subjects. If, based on the questions you answer, meet the criteria you will be invited to attend the research study and will be advised of the venue, date and time, incentive payment all of which will be confirmed by email.

Applying for research Studies
When you receive the email request, this will include any specific requirement for the market research study. If you feel that you meet the basic requirements you may click the link to Register for that specific study. This will take you to an online short questionnaire to determine your suitability, if the survey confirms that its ok it is possible that we may call you to invite you to the study. Please be aware that not all requests are successful as this is determined on a by project basis.

Important:When you apply to take part in a study please answer the questions as honestly and accurately as this helps us align your application with the projects criteria.

When applying to this panel and when invited to a research study you agree to:

  • Provide accurate answers to questions where possible
  • Be truthful about your name, address, occupation and any other details given
  • Only have one registration with us – details of which can be updated at any time by using your secure login and password
  • Apply for research studies using the instructions in the email alerts (Sorry, not by phone)

Market Research is completely confidential and iPoint Research Undertakes to never divulge, sell or allow to be used your personal information for any reason to any third part unless in direct relation to a research project that you are attending. 

If you are selected to take part in an event, you agree to abide by the following:

  • To bring photographic ID with you to the session.
  • To be punctual.  If you are running late please call ahead and let either us or the client know. If you turn up late, you may be turned away without your incentive payment.
  • To let us know in good time if you are unable to attend the event after all. Failure to let us know in a timely manner may prevent you from receiving future invitations from us.
  • To be professional and courteous and not behave in a disruptive or inappropriate manner.  
  • To be sober and not under the influence of drugs.
  • You will respect that information/products discussed during any event may be confidential and agree to keep it as such.  You may also need to sign a document to this effect.

Often market research studies are video or audio recorded to assist researchers with the study. These videos and audio are used solely for market research purposes.

You will never be sold to nor contacted for any reason by the client of the study other than in conjunction with a specific study you have taken part in as a followup. All market research that we offer is governed under the Market Research Societies Codes of Conduct. Further details may be viewed here MRS Codes of Coduct

You may view our privacy policy here.

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