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iPoint Market Research use an innovative approach delivering high quality recruitment for your projects.
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  • News & Current Affairs

    News & Current Affairs (25 - 70 Yrs) (3928)

    We have an interesting discovering how people current consume general news and specific subjects that you have a personal interest in. All to be aged 25 - 70 Years All to be in white collar professions (ie not manual workers) All to consume news and current affairs material regularly The research…
  • Holidays & Flights

    Holidays & Flights (25 - 54 Yrs) (3926)

    We have an interesting research talking to people about the ways people buy holidays and flights these days All to be aged 25 - 54 Years All to have recently booked or are planning a holiday or flight All to be responsible for paying for the holiday / flight Where: Online Interview (Zoom) Date:…
  • Private Renters

    Private Renting in the UK (3930)

    Do you currently rent your home? We are looking for people that: Target: 18+ year olds privately renting for 6+ months. All must have an iPhone. You will only need the smartphone for this project, no laptop required. Participants will need to download the Lola App, create an account and get…
  • technology

    Understanding technology (35 - 75 Yrs) (3927)

    We have an interesting research talking to people about technology and what life is like in 2022 and how technology is playing a role in their life. Participants required to take part in a 5 day online community and will be required to upload text and photo answers each day and it will take them…
  • TV Subscription

    TV Subscription Services (18 - 45 Yrs) (3923)

    We have an interesting research talking to people about the TV subscription service (Video on demand / streaming) people use these days. Aged 18 - 45 years All to pay to subscribe to at least one SVOD All to be fans of reality shows Where: Online Zoom Date: 26th or 27th Jan Time: Various Evenings…
  • Music & Fashion

    Music & Fashion Enthusiasts (25 - 45 Yrs) (3921)

    We have an interesting research talking to people about their current views on fashion and music. Male & Female Aged 25 - 45 Years All to have an interest in fashion All to have an interest in music and follow at least 1 artist (any) Where: Online Date: Wed 26th Jan Time: 5:30 & 7pm (Depends on…

iPoint Market Research specialises in research project recruitment and project management. We understand your needs and pride ourselves on making a real difference. From the way we manage your projects through to the final delivery of your secure respondent profiles.

Working with us is simple, stress free and efficient, due to the extensive knowledge and the systems we adopt, we are able to identify your respondents quickly and efficiently.

Never again will you experience that sinking feeling, when a recruiter tells you a few days before a project, that they have had an issue.

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