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Our Projects

  • PS4 / Xbox 1 Gamers Aged 13 - 18 Years

    We have an interesting online research for Gamers aged 13 - 18 using an Xbox One or PS4 these days. We expect that initially that you are the parent of a child that meets the criteria, and we do have some qualifying questions for you which is fine, however ultimately we will need to speak with your…
  • Business: IT / Telecoms Decision Makers (Any Size)

    We have an interesting research for people within businesses that have either an influence or decision making authority on matters relating to the telecoms decisions for the business. Our client is a major telco and the study aims to understand the experience that individuals have with their…
  • Watching TV & Media

    We are conducting some research about how people watch, listen to and use media nowadays. Group 1: 6:30pm aged 18 - 24 Years Group 2: 8:15pm aged 35 - 44 Years Please complete this questionnaire to apply and we will tell you if you are the type of person that our client is looking to interview. The…
  • Take Away Food Deliveries (20 - 50 Yrs)

    We have an interesting research for people that order take away food for delivery at home. Aged 20 - 50 Years Must Live in Battersea, Kennington, Oval, Vauxhall or Stratford All to order takeaway deliveries The research will be a 10 day online diary via a mobile phone app and will run between 22nd…
  • Smartphone banking / payment tools (22 - 30 Years)

    We have an interesting research talking about the tools and services you use these days on your smartphone in relation to banking and / or making payments. All to be aged 22 - 30 Years All to use apps or services on their smartphone All to use Payment / Banking Apps The research will be in the form…
  • Food Supplements & Vitamins

    We are organising a research study and would like to talk to people about any food supplements or vitamins that they use regularly these days. We are running two sessions in London WC2 (Holborn) on Thursday 1st March and both will run 90 minutes. Group 1: 6:15pm MEN aged 18 - 34 Years Group 2: 8 pm…
  • Male drinkers of Spirits (30 - 45 Yrs)

    We have an interesting research for Male drinkers of certain types of spirits these days. The project will be quite involved and will be split into two parts. The first will be an online community and we are expecting you to undertake 2 x interactions which will take approx 90 mins each and may…
  • Luxury Products

    We have an interesting research project for people that have luxury products. For Men this could be the brand of car you drive, for women this could be the types of handbags. Please answer the questions below to see if you qualify. 

iPoint Market Research specialises in research project recruitment and project management. We understand your needs and pride ourselves on making a real difference. From the way we manage your projects through to the final delivery of your secure respondent profiles.

Working with us is simple, stress free and efficient, due to the extensive knowledge and the systems we adopt, we are able to identify your respondents quickly and efficiently.

Never again will you experience that sinking feeling, when a recruiter tells you a few days before a project, that they have had an issue.

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