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  • Online Shopping

    Online Shopping Marketplaces (18 - 65 Years) (3829)

    We have an interesting research talking to people about their experiences with online shopping Marketplaces ie: Amazon, Ebay, Etsy etc. All to be aged 18 - 65 Years All to be happy buying from Online stores The research will potentially be in two parts. Part one and online community on 1st / 2nd…
  • Mobile Games

    Mobile Phone Game Play (18 - 24 Yrs) (3828)

    We have a fun research asking to for people to try out a really simple mobile phone game about the environment and to feed back some information learned while playing the game. The project will involve a Pre and Post survey (about 5 mins each). After the first survey you will have upto 3 days to…
  •  Credit Card or Loan

    Credit Card or Loan Applications (25 - 55 Yrs) (3826)

    We have an interesting face to face research talking to people that have within the last year taken out a personal loan or personal credit card All to be aged 25 - 55 Years All to have taken a Credit Card or Loan application in last year Where: London WC2 Date: 4th November Time: 6pm & 8pm Type:…
  • Insurance

    Insurance & Vacations (60 - 75yrs Old) (3825)

    We have an interesting research on behalf of a major UK provider that is really interested in engaging in conversations with people about what constitutes good and bad service for potential clients. This is a huge study and we are looking to invite 50 people to a central London on 15th November for…
  • Buyers

    Buyers of Meat, Poultry & Dairy (Age 18 - 90) (3824)

    We have an interesting research talking to people about perceptions and considerations when purchasing meat, poultry, eggs and dairy products. All to be aged 18+ (No Upper limit really) All to buy Meat, Poultry, Diary etc None to have special diets for health or religious reasons All happy to take…
  • Energy

    Business Energy Management (250+ Staff) (3823)

    We have an interesting research for people within businesses that have authority over the businesses energy accounts / usage All to have been in current post for at least 6 months All to be decision makers and day to day running of energy provider for their organisation. E.g. tracking usage,…
  • Software

    Business Enterprise Software (100+ Staff) (3822)

    We have an interesting research talking to decision makers within businesses with over 100 staff about the types of enterprise management software used. (ie: Salesforce, Dynamics, SAP etc). All to be Directors and above All to have 100+ Staff All to have a a commerce/eCommerce within their role All…
  • LB Barnet

    Residents of LB Barnet (3821)

    We have an interesting research for current residents of the London Borough of Barnet to talk about services provided by the council in regards to waste management and recycling. The research is on behalf of the North London Waste Authority. there are no special requirements other than: Living in…
  • UK Holiday

    UK Holidays & Breaks (45 - 80 Yrs) (3819)

    We have an interesting project for people that have or are interested in taking holiday s or short hotel breaks in the UK. All must be at least jointly responsible for choice of holiday within the household All groups at 6pm: Group 1: 26th Oct - London SE Aged 45 - 59 Yrs Group 2: 27th Oct - North…
  • Staff

    Business: Staff Rotas / Shift management (1 - 250 Staff) (3820)

    We have an interesting research talking to business organisers / managers about the ways they manage Staff Time, Attendance & Scheduling (TAS). All to be responsible for TAS Businesses with 1 - 250 Staff Only All to be involved in managing shifts or rosters or timesheets / absences or leave / time…
  • Exterior

    Home Exterior Renovations (3808)

    We have an interesting research for anyone that has planned or undertaken any exterior renovations to their home or building a new property in the last few years or in the progress of planning. All to be homeowners of a House (No Flats / Apartments) All to have undertaken, planned or planning an…

iPoint Market Research specialises in research project recruitment and project management. We understand your needs and pride ourselves on making a real difference. From the way we manage your projects through to the final delivery of your secure respondent profiles.

Working with us is simple, stress free and efficient, due to the extensive knowledge and the systems we adopt, we are able to identify your respondents quickly and efficiently.

Never again will you experience that sinking feeling, when a recruiter tells you a few days before a project, that they have had an issue.

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