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  • Business Customers

    Dojo or PaymentSense Business Customers (3645)

    We have an interesting research for businesses that take card transaction via the following providers ONLY. Dojo or PaymentSense All to take credit or debit card payments Any type of business Where: Online - Zoom Date: 17th May Time: 5:30pm or 7:15pm Type: Focus Group Length: 90 mins Gratuity: £80
  • Business Phone Decisions

    Business Phone Decisions (iPhone Users) 0 - 9 Staff

    We are looking to have a discussion with business users of the Apple iPhone. All to be decision makers within the business All to be small businesses with 0 - 9 staff All to currently be using an iPhone Where: Online Zoom Date: 25th or 27th May (depends on answers) Time: 6pm Type: Group Discussion…
  • Hot Beverage

    Hot Beverage Drinkers / Buyers (30 - 60yrs) (3643)

    We have a fun research project talking to people about hot beverages they drink / buy in the weekly shop. All to be aged 30 - 60 Years All to drink hot beverages at home The research will be split in two parts and you must be available to do both parts. Part 1 will be an online community over 4…
  • Transport & Getting Around

    Transport & Getting Around (3641)

    We’ve got an exciting opportunity for a market research group. We have just two minutes of questions now to see if you qualify and then we will contact you by phone/email to book you in. It will involve taking part in a focus group online (using Microsoft Teams) The topic is about how people travel…
  • Business Decision Makers

    Business Decision Makers (50k - £10M) (3637)

    We have an interesting research talking to Owners and Business decision makers within business. The research is talking about managing company finances and expenses. All to be owners or decision makers Company with turnover £50k - £10M Have less than 200 Staff Mix of Online and/or In person…
  • Car Research

    Car Research (Big List of cars)

    So it looks like car research is starting back up, although still on Zoom but we have an interesting research for anyone that has bought any of the following cars (Big List) from New in the last 3 Years and are considering a new purchase in the next 2 years. All to be aged 20 - 65 Years All to have…
  • Sports

    Watching sports in the pub (Pre - Covid) P3591

    This is likely to be a fun and rewarding research and we are looking to talk to people who meet the following criteria. All to regularly watch sports events at the pub (pre-covid) (Football, horses, boxing etc) All to drink Alcohol All to watch sports at the pub with at least 1 friend - THEY WILL…
  • Advertising

    Attitudes Towards Advertising (35522)

    We are running a very large study talking to many different communities of people throughout the UK about their views and attitudes towards advertising in general. For this phase of the project we need to speak with the following: Group 10: FEMALE 16-21 years old, Pakistani, on Wednesday 10th March…
  • Card Payment

    SME Businesses - Card Payment Transactions (2 - 500 Staff) (3547)

    We have an interesting research talking to decision makers within SME businesses about the payment methods you currently use for either face to face or online transactions. All to be business decision makers All to have between 2 - 500 staff (See industries below) Online Only, Face to Face or a Mix…

iPoint Market Research specialises in research project recruitment and project management. We understand your needs and pride ourselves on making a real difference. From the way we manage your projects through to the final delivery of your secure respondent profiles.

Working with us is simple, stress free and efficient, due to the extensive knowledge and the systems we adopt, we are able to identify your respondents quickly and efficiently.

Never again will you experience that sinking feeling, when a recruiter tells you a few days before a project, that they have had an issue.

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