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Is this the new normal

We have received many questions from both clients and fieldwork agencies asking for our opinion in resuming normal operations of face-to-face research. In truth we didn't really know the answer. A lot hinged on government guidlines and when viewing facilities, meeting rooms and hotels were actually allowed to open. But even when they are allowed to reopen, would we be able to attract participants to take part.

The market research industry has been struggling to deliver many projects. A lot of studies have been postponed or cancelled, but a fair number have moved to digital methodologies allowing for participants to engage from the comfort of their home. This has generally worked very well, but is this a sustainable replacement for traditional methodologies? – Our clients think not.

With a huge research panel at our finger tips, we knew who to ask - We designed the questionaire and sent this out. With data from 1394 responses we set about analysing it and preparing this report.

Download the report below 

Download the report!