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Is this the new normal

We have received many questions from both clients and fieldwork agencies asking for our opinion in resuming normal operations of face-to-face research. In truth we didn't really know the answer. A lot hinged on government guidlines and when viewing facilities, meeting rooms and hotels were actually allowed to open. But even when they are allowed to reopen, would we be able to attract participants to take part.

"These are interesting times” is something I am hearing almost on a daily basis, business for most people has taken a back seat. Money and health are both at the forefront of people’s mind, we all want to stay safe and look after the most vulnerable of our society, whilst keeping our businesses afloat. Now more than ever is a time to help each other, so that we can all keep on going.  Thinking on our feet and adapting to this ‘new world’ is the key to all our businessesand we are going todo just that