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Location: London W1
Duration: 90 Mins
Incentive: £80
Nicotine Pouches
We have been asked to recruit a group of Current Users, previous users trialists of Nicotine pouches. (Not to be confused with Nicotine Patches - white pouches containing nicotine but no tobacco, where the user puts a pouch between the inside lip and gum; not snus or chewing tobacco.
  • All to be aged 20 - 40 Years
  • All to be currently, previously or tried nicotine pouches
  • None to have any medical condition or taking medications that would prevent them taking a nicotine based product trial
NOTE: This research will held in a research facility in Central London W1. In accordance with government guidelines the facility has been designated as Covid safe and all relevant precautions will be followed.
Where: London W1
Date: 30th Sept
Time: Eve 6:30pm & 8pm
Type: Focus Group / Product trial
Length: 90 Mins
Gratuity: £80

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