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Location: London EC3
Duration: 2.5 - 3 Hours
Incentive: £150

We have an interesting and fun research that is a little different to the normal focus group as our client will be inviting a group of business owners and decision makers out for dinner.

  • All to be decision makers in a business with 3 - 149 Staff
  • All to understand what a CRM system does for the business
  • You don't need to be using one though
  • All businesses to be registered at companies house

Where: London EC3
Date: 13th November

6:30pm Arrival and Welcome Cocktails
7:00pm Dinner
9:00pm Carriages

Type: Dinner Focus Group
Length: 2.5 Hours
Gratuity: £150 BACS (Plus Dinner and Drinks)

Registration has been closed as the project is now full

Our Projects

Business Accounts Software (3142)

We have an interesting research project for business owners or Finance Managers that use an accountancy package within the business (ie, Sage, Quickbooks, Xero etc) to help run the accounts or payroll for the company.

  • All to be LTD Companies
  • All to be using an accounts package
  • All to have…

Students Aged 16 - 18 Years (3145)

We have an interesting research for anyone that has completed there GCSE's and are now study for A Levels / BTEC or equivalent

  • All to be aged 16 - 18 Years
  • None to have started University

Where: London Bridge (EC1)
Date: Tues 4th Feb
Time: 5pm - 6:30pm
Type: Focus…

Business Banking - Neobanks (3143)

We have an interesting research for business owners or financial controllers within businesses that currently use a Neobank for all or some of the businesses financial management.

A Neobank is one of the modern style banks ie Like Monzo, Tide, Revolut, Starling, Coconut etc (there are others too).

Hybrid & Electric Cars (3141)

We have an interesting online community project talking to owners of electric and plugin Hybrid cars.

The study will be a 12 month online community with 4-5 rounds of questions/tasks spread out across the year. Each round will last 5-7 days and participants will ideally need to dedicate 10-15…

Current & Prospective Uni Students (3138)

We have an interesting research for prospective University students as well as current students at the following Universities.

  • All participants
    • Aged between 17 - 25 Years
    • Current School / University Student or on Gap Year
    • All to be UK Nationals
    • No PHD Students
    • All to hold a Student Bank…

Starting a business / Self Employment (0 - 10 Years) (3130)

Slightly different than normal, we have been asked to speak to people that are EITHER in the process of setting up a new business OR those that have setup a business in the last 10 years.

The research will be exploring the attitudes and challenges faced these days for young and blooming business…

Business IT Infrastructure (3128)

We have an interesting research talking to people that are responsible or heavily involved in managing the businesses IT/IS infrastructure and systems.

  • All to be aged 21 - 49 Years
  • All to be Partial or solely responsible for the business technology infrastructure
  • All business to have 6+ Staff…

HR Managers / Senior Staff Responsibility (794867)

We have been asked by our clients to interview a number of HR Managers / Directors within businesses that are involved within the Manufacturing or Retails Sectors about their attitudes towards flexible working practices within the business.

This is an extremely important research that will help…

Online Gambling / Betting (Males 25 - 50 Years) (3125)

We have an interesting research project for people that regularly bet online.

  • Men Only - Aged 25 - 50 Years
  • Regularly bet online
  • Live in Zone 4 +

Where: London W1
Date: Wed 5th Feb
Time: 6pm or 7:45pm
Type: Focus Group
Length: 90 Mins

Smokers & ExSmokers (40 - 65 Yrs) (3133)

We have an interesting research for people that are currently smoking or have given up in the last 6 months to discuss your experiences and views on smoking within London.

  • All to be aged 40 - 65 Years
  • All to currently Smoke tobacco or
  • Have quit smoking in the last 6 months


Sole Traders & Company Directors (18 - 60 Years) (3127)

We have been asked to recruit a number of sole traders and company directors of different company sizes as mentioned below to take part in an ongoing panel over a 5 month period. This may be extended.

  • All to be aged 18 - 60 Years
  • All to be either:
    • A Sole Trader Registered with HMRC as…

Premium Car Owner / Drivers (3121)

We have an interesting research for premium Car owners to experience something quite special.  Our clients are looking to speak to many people that own any of the listed vehicles below


  • Participants qualifying vehicle must have been bought new
  • Main driver and at least 50% joint…

Long Haul Holidays (20 - 55yrs) (3115)

Have you taken a Long Haul holiday in the last 2 years or are planning one in the next year or two? Then we have an interesting research that might interest you.
We have been asked to run a couple of Focus groups in London W2

  • Group 1: 6pm 41 - 55 Year Olds
  • Group 2: 8pm 20 - 40 Year Olds
  • All to…

Planning to take a Flight in Feb / March 2020 (3108)

We have an interesting research for anyone looking to book a flight for business or leisure in the next few months.

Ideally you should be looking to book a flight / holiday at end of Jan / Beginning of Feb for travel in End Feb or March.

  • Can be Business, Leisure Flights or a Holiday
  • Can be…

SME Business Decision Makers (£150k - £4M Turnover) (3066)

We are conducting research on behalf of a global financial services company. We are currently recruiting people to take part in research in face to face interviews.

  • All to be Owner / MD / CEO of the business
  • Small Business £150 - £800K and Medium Business £800K - £4M Turnover
  • Must hold a…