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Location: Online
Duration: See Below
Incentive: £250 - £450
6 - 15 Year Olds
We have an interesting research for parents and children aged 6 - 15 years (both to take part) talking about apparel and clothing.

The project is split into multiple parts and both the parent will need to be engaged with the project as follows:
  • Phase 1: Parent & Child to participate in a 10 online community which will be approx 30 mins per day. (£250) From 22nd August
  • Phase 1 - Post Task: Some will be asked to complete a video task (+£100)
  • Phase 2 - Meet Up: Some will be asked to join the researchers for a 4hr meet-up discussion (Sept) (+£100

Where: Online
Date: From 22nd August
Time: To Suit
Type: Community
Length: See Above
Gratuity: £250 - £450


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