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Location: Online / Community
Duration: See Below
Incentive: £100
We have an interesting research talking to Gamers about the types of games they like to play.
  • All to be Aged 18 - 45 yrs
  • All to be current PlayStation 4 and/or PlayStation 5 owners
  • All to have played in the last week
  • All to be interested in the Action RPG or Action Adventure genres
The research will be split in two parts. Initially an online community for for approx 1 hour in 1 day on the 6th Oct to be followed by a focus group for 2 hours on 7th Oct. These will be at different times and which group will be determined by your answers.
Where: Online
Date: 6th AND 7th October
Time: Community - to suit
Groups 12pm, 4pm & 7pm (depends on answers)
Type: Community & Focus Group
Length: Total Time both tasks 3 hours
Gratuity: £25 - Community
£75 - Focus Group


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