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Location: Online / Community
Duration: See Below
Incentive: £100
This is likely to be a fun and rewarding research and we are looking to talk to people who meet the following criteria.
  • All to regularly watch sports events at the pub (pre-covid) (Football, horses, boxing etc)
  • All to drink Alcohol
  • All to watch sports at the pub with at least 1 friend - THEY WILL BE TAKING PART IN THE RESEARCH WITH YOU
  • In the following age brackets
    • 18 - 24 yrs
    • 35 - 44 Yrs
    • 55 - 65 yrs
The research tasks will be as follows:
  • initial zoom individual interviews 15-20 mins w/c 29th March - £10 incentive
  • 3 phases of WhatsApp diaries for 7 days at a time - before the pubs re-open (w/c 29.3 & 5.4); once the pubs have opened for outside service only w/c 12.4); pubs fully re-opened (w/c 17.5) - £45 incentive (£15 per week)
  • A zoom session with your allocated friend later in May/early June for 50-60 minutes - £45 incentive

Where: See Above
Date: From 29th March
Time: To suit
Type: Community
Length: See Above
Gratuity: £100 (each)


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