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Location: Online / Web Group
Duration: 90 Minutes
Incentive: £50

We are running a very large study talking to many different communities of people throughout the UK about their views and attitudes towards advertising in general.

For this phase of the project we need to speak with the following:

  • Group 10: FEMALE 16-21 years old, Pakistani, on Wednesday 10th March at 7 pm.
  • Group 12 – FEMALE: 31-44 years old, other East Asian (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Singaporean, HK), on Thursday 11th March at 7 pm

Please note that if selected you will need to take part from a desktop or laptop with a fast internet connection - we cannot accept tablet or smartphones.

Where: Online - Zoom
Date: 10th or 11th March (See above)
Time: 7pm
Type: Focus Group
Length: 90 Mins
Gratuity: £50 Bacs


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Our Projects


Thinking of buying a New car (in next 2 years) (3698)

We are conducting a research on “vehicles and your future vehicle purchases”.
  • All to have purchased a car from New in the last 3 Years
  • All likely to buy a new car in the next 2 years
  • All open to different trim levels and brands
  • At least joint decision maker in the choice of the car
Luxury Hotel

Luxury Hotel Stays (3701)

We have an interesting research talking to people about their experiences whilst staying in a luxury hotel in the last 3 years. Our Client is conducting a study to better understand clients’ expectations and needs in terms of hotels when traveling, for work and/or leisure.
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Christians: Charities

Christians: Charities (3700)

We have an interesting research talking to Christians about different charities and their awareness of them in general. (You do not need to be supporting them).
  • Open to Christians aged over 18 years
  • All open to supporting a Christian affiliated charity
Please note that this is an…

Business: 250+ Staff Responsible for recruitment (3699)

We have an interesting project for people that are responsible for hiring and recruitment within businesses with 250+ Staff.

All respondents across this project must meet the following criteria:
  • All to be responsible for the recruitment within their company
  • All to say that they work in…

SME Business that import from the EU (3697)

We have an interesting research talking to SME businesses about thier experiences of Importing goods from the EU to the UK.
  • All participants are to be SMEs / sole traders with 1-249 employees
  • All must import goods from the EU (and some who also export goods to the EU too and / or have moved…

Trades.. Interior Fitters, Plasterers, Plumbers, Sparkies etc (3696)

We have an interesting research talking to Trades about how they lift, carry, transport, store Light power tools.
  • We are looking to speak ideally with:
    • Interior Fitters, Dry Liners, Finishers
    • Plasterers, Plumbers, Electricians etc
  • All to be working on sites ie commercial (Not just…
Non Smart Meter

Home Owners - Non Smart Meter Users (3694)

We have an interesting research talking about technology generally and specifically about the rollout of smart meters from energy providers.
  • None to currently have a smart meter for their gas or electricity at home
  • All to be solely or jointly responsible for managing their energy bills
  • Any…

Ethnic View towards advertising (18 - 50 yrs)

We have an interesting research talking to people from ethnic backgrounds generally about advertising:
  • All to be Aged 18 - 50 Yrs
  • From the following Ethnic Backgrounds
    • Black British African or Caribbean
    • Mixed Ethnicity: African or Caribbean
    • South East Asian: ie Filipino, Vietnamese, Thai…
New Build property

Looking to buy a New Build property (3692)

We have a new interesting research talking to people about property purchasing.
  • All to currently looking to or in process of buying a new-build house
  • All to be aged 30 - 70 years
  • All to be 3+ Bed Properties
  • All to have at least 1 child

Where: Online (MS…

Business: Southern / Portsmouth Water (3681)

We have an interesting research talking to business owners / decision makers who hold their water supply with Souther or Portsmouth Water.
  • Businesses to have premises and located in:
    • Hampshire (Southampton, Eastleigh, Winchester, Portsmouth, Isle of Wight up to Andover, Kingsclere,…

Watching sports in the pub (Pre - Covid) P3591

This is likely to be a fun and rewarding research and we are looking to talk to people who meet the following criteria.
  • All to regularly watch sports events at the pub (pre-covid) (Football, horses, boxing etc)
  • All to drink Alcohol
  • All to watch sports at the pub with at least 1 friend - THEY…
Card Payment

SME Businesses - Card Payment Transactions (2 - 500 Staff) (3547)

We have an interesting research talking to decision makers within SME businesses about the payment methods you currently use for either face to face or online transactions.

  • All to be business decision makers
  • All to have between 2 - 500 staff (See industries below)
  • Online Only, Face to Face or…