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Location: Online / Web Group
Duration: 90 Minutes
Incentive: £140
Card Payment

We have an interesting research talking to decision makers within SME businesses about the payment methods you currently use for either face to face or online transactions.

  • All to be business decision makers
  • All to have between 2 - 500 staff (See industries below)
  • Online Only, Face to Face or a Mix of both
  • Operate in any of the following industries
    • Retail
    • Hospitality
    • Transport & Parking
    • Petrol
    • Travel and tourism

Where: Online - Zoom Group
Date: 23rd or 24th Feb
Time: 6:30pm
Type: Focus Group
Length: 90 Mins
Gratuity: £140


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Our Projects


Lloyds, Halifax or BOS Current Account Customers (3604)

We are looking to talk to a number of people discussing how banks treat customers these days.
  • All to be Lloyds, Halifax or Bank of Scotland current account customers
  • All to be aged 18 - 74 Yrs
  • All to be confident online and happy participating using Zoom


Business IT or Telecoms Decision Makers ( 1 - 250 Staff) (3603)

We have an interesting research project talking to decision makers within companies regards the telecoms and IT services and needs of SME businesses these days.
  • IT / Telecom Decision makers within business
  • All to have 1 - 250 Staff members
  • Must be working from offices where you are…

Watching sports in the pub (Pre - Covid) P3591

This is likely to be a fun and rewarding research and we are looking to talk to people who meet the following criteria.
  • All to regularly watch sports events at the pub (pre-covid) (Football, horses, boxing etc)
  • All to drink Alcohol
  • All to watch sports at the pub with at least 1 friend - THEY…

Attitudes Towards Advertising (35522)

We are running a very large study talking to many different communities of people throughout the UK about their views and attitudes towards advertising in general.

For this phase of the project we need to speak with the following:

  • Group 10: FEMALE 16-21 years old, Pakistani, on Wednesday…