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Location: Focus Group
Duration: 90 Minutes
Incentive: £75
Motor Mechanics

We are currently recruiting people to participate in an exciting research study on behalf of a major automotive oil and lubricants company.

We are looking for people who work at / run garage workshops to participate in this piece of research.

This is a really important project and an opportunity for you to play an invaluable role in supporting the development of new products and other initiatives. Your views and opinions would be very much appreciated.

Initially we are recruiting for a focus group at the end on Jan / Begining of Feb (TBC) which will last for 90 Mins.  However you will also have the opportunity to complete some simple tasks on a monthly basis, telling us about your work experiences, opinions about brands and products and feedback to new ideas.

Where: Online Zoom Focus Group
Date: End Jan / 1swt Week Feb TBC
Time: Evening (TBC
Type: Focus Group
Length: 90 Mins
Gratuity: £75

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Where: Online
Date: To suit 25th Jan - 4th Feb