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Our Projects

 Greener Environment

Greener Environment (3341)

We have an interesting research talking to people about the things you do to help improve the environment and go greener. We are interested in multiple views.

  • All to be aged 18 - 60
  • All to drive a car
  • All to be interested in the environment and going greener

Where: Online / Web…
Business Mobile Tariffs

Business Mobile Tariffs (1 - 99 Staff) (3340)

We have an interesting research project talking to business owners about the mobile phone contracts / tariffs used by the business these days.
  • All to hold Business Tariff - mobile phone contracts
  • Can Be Sim Only or Contract with Handset
  • All to have between 1 - 99 Staff

Women's Magazine Readers

Women's Magazine Readers (3339)

We have an interesting research for women that regularly read women's magazines these days either in print or online.

We are looking for bubbly outgoing types with an interesting story Aged 18 - 70 Years. The research will be split into two parts, the first will be a 15 minute chat for which you…

Connected Cars

Connected Cars - Women Only (3327)

We have an interesting research for people that have bought a car in the last few years that has connected car services built in to the infotainment system.

A Connected car has an infotainment system that goes beyond a radio and incorporates internet connected services. This differs from…
SME Business Exporting

SME Business Exporting (1 - 249 Staff) (3332)

We have been asked to carry out research on behalf of the Department for International Trade. The research aims to inform an evaluation of export support programmes in collaboration with Frontier Economics, and will cover your business' experiences and engagement with exporting, and these…