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Our Latest Research Projects

Whisky Drinkers

Premium Whisky Drinkers / Buyers - London (4617)

Do you buy premium whisky for your self or as a gift for someone? Then we have an face to face research in Central London that you may be interested in. All to buy premium whisky for them selves or as gifts There are many brands but we will ask in the survey for the ones that qualify Men or Women -…
Surface Cleaners

Surface Cleaners at home (30 - 65 Years) (4609)

We have an interesting research talking to people about the types of surface cleaners that you tend to use at home these days. All to be aged 30 - 65 Years Open to Men & Women All to be Engaged in cleaning Where: Online Date: 12th, 13th or 14th December Time: Daytime (9:30am & 2pm) Type: Online…
EV Car Owners

EV Car Owners & Considers (25 - 65) (4582)

We have an interesting project for people that have either bought an electric car in the last 12 months or considering one in the next 2 years. All to be new car owners/buyers (have either bought in the last 12 months) OR looking to purchase in next 24 months For those who have recently bought, it…