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Our Projects

Bar Drink

Alcohol Drinkers (20 - 40 yrs) (4091)

We have an interesting research talking to people about the types of Alcohol Spirits and Cocktails they like to drink. We are looking to speak to really creative people about some new concepts.

The research will be held in Central London WC2 on 16th, 17th or 24th Nov and will last either 90 mins…

Women 18 - 45 Social Media (4092)

We have an interesting research for women that use TikTok for over 30 mins per week
  • Women Only - Aged 18 - 45 Years
  • Use TikTok at least 30 mins per week
  • Happy to share what they watch / create on TikTok

Where: London WC2
Date: 6th or 7th June
Time: Various to suit
Supporting UK Charities

Supporting UK Charities (4090)

We have another interesting research on behalf of a major charity talking about what motivates people to donate to charities these days:
  • All to be aged 18 - 65 Years
  • All to be open to / or currently give to childrens charities
  • Must have social media accounts

Amex Gold or Platinum

Amex Gold or Platinum Card Holders (4089)

We have an interesting research talking to current holders of a American Express Gold or Platinum charge card.
  • Any Age
  • Hold a Amex Gold or Platinum "CHARGE CARD"
  • All to have the Amex app installed on their smartphone
Some of the interviews will be held face to face in the clients…

Eating & Buying Salad for home (25 - 65 Yrs) (4075)

We have an interesting research talking to people about the types of salad and condiments they purchase these days for use at home.
  • All to be aged 25 - 65 yrs (Different groups per age range)
  • All to be fully or partially responsible for household shopping
  • All to buy salad products…
Southwark Residents

Southwark Residents (18 - 60 Years) (4082)

We have an interesting research for residents of London Borough of Southwark. Our client is seeking residents of Southwark to take part in a usability test of a new digital health tool. We are creating a digital health tool in collaboration with Southwark Council to help the residents of…