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Our Projects

National Messages 04th June (32662)

We are continuing our efforts to assist Britain Thinks with their efforts in seeking people from different communities opinions on national messages.

This week we are looking to speak to people that come from the following ethnicities and backgrounds. - Please note this changes week to week.


Biscuits purchases (3264)

Calling all biscuit lovers and buyers!

We have an fun project for people that purchase biscuits regularly during their household shop

  • ALL to be aged 25 - 45 Years
  • Men or Women responsible for household shop
  • All to be purchasing biscuits regularly
  • No allergies, medical conditions, specific…

Brexit Transition Period (3265)

We have a very interesting research talking to people about their understanding and opinions during the Brexit transition period.

  • You do not need to be an expert or knowledgable on the subject
  • All to be aged over 25 Years
  • All to be working - Full / Part Time or Furloughed

There will be…

Business: Pension Decision Makers 500+ Staff (3263)

We are conducting a research study into workplace pensions on behalf of a leading UK pensions provider. We are speaking with a selection of senior workplace pension decision makers in large UK corporations about workplace pensions strategy, how best to engage with employers, and to understand your…

World Views (3260)

We have a interesting research talking to lots of people from many different backgrounds and affluence about their views on the world at the moment. Depending on who you are and the answers to the questions the type of research, amount of time needed and incentive will be different: Below is a…

Business: Physical Security Decision Makers (3230)

This is a very specific research study talking to businesses where security is critical and businesses where drones could pose a realistic threat.

We are interested in speaking to people who are responsible for decision making in relation to the security for a business. Our client is interested in…