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Our Projects

Online Investment Platforms

Online Investment Platforms (3304)

We are recruiting for a market research project looking at people's understanding and experience of online investment platforms these days.

  • All to be aged 18+
  • You can be thinking of investing, currently investing or previously invested
  • All to be aware of online trading platforms

The Environment

The Environment (18 - 70Yrs) (3274)

We have an interesting research project with a bit of a difference, discussing some environmental issues around the world.

  • All to be Aged 18+
  • All to have some interest in the environment - even minimal
  • All to own a Smartphone
    • iPhone IOS 11+
    • OR an Android Phone (Ver 8+)


 Video Conference & Screen Sharing Tools

Video Conference & Screen Sharing Tools (3301)

We have an interesting research talking to people about the video conference and screen sharing tools used. This is not just since Lockdown, but people that have been actively using these tools during their normal day to day tasks.

  • All to be white collar workers (non Management as well as…

Business: Physical Security Decision Makers (3230)

This is a very specific research study talking to businesses where security is critical and businesses where drones could pose a realistic threat.

We are interested in speaking to people who are responsible for decision making in relation to the security for a business. Our client is interested in…